Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall Colors

    While the Vineyard isn't exactly "known" for it's color wave (in contast to Vermont, for example), we do get a nice glow starting around Columbus Day through the end of October. Each year I grab my camera to capture some high lights. I just can't help it! This year, the colors seemed more festive than usual. While I was driving around, I decided it might be fun to take pictures through the windshield at a very slow shutter speed (half a second) to get some sense of motion and swirl. Now, holding a camera in one hand, and steering the wheel with the other isn't always the greatest idea, but I tried it for short spurts. I like some of what resulted.

                                             Autumnal swirl.

     On a different but equally beautiful day, I coaxed a new good friend (Kate) to go swimming at Seth's Pond, despite the fact the water temp couldn't have been more than 50. She was a good sport. The way the leaves were reflecting in the still water was what caught my eye...but I needed another element. Thanks Kate!

Off - season cool down at Seth's Pond

      As I post this morning, all the leaves are (almost) gone, and the sky is grey. California Dreaming, on such an autumn day!

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