Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gearing up for Thanksgiving

Lianna poses for Peter

    Just two days ago, I had the pleasure of photographing one of the more stunning young ladies on the Vineyard! Her name is Lianna, She graced our gallery to pose wearing some of Ronni's jewelry, then we asked her to wear some of her various garments (knitted hats, shawls and crocheted jewelry). Then I handed her a copy of the soon to be relevant Vineyard Calendar 2010 and the picture just glowed warmth, holiday spirit and joy. Thus, Lianna has just become our new poster girl for our fall advertising campaign and soon to be sent eblast. She did this all for a half dozen calendars! Now, that's what I call Vineyard bartering in the finest tradition.
     Meanwhile, yesterday I went under Dr. Rocco Monto's knife (once again) for a third knee operation (mostly to correct what hadn't gone right from a partial replacement proceedure in Boston almost two years ago). So I'm somewhat bedridden for the next few days....the only new photos I could take would be from my bedroom window. That reminds me of a poignant book published many years ago by a NY photographer named Ruth Orkin who photographed Central Park from her apartment window during the last year of her life as she died of cancer. It was an amazing book, published in the mid 80's. Hopefully, I'll be up and around next week. We'll see....meanwhile, happy (almost) Thanksgiving!

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